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kids dance session

Sundays 2-3pm

​Graceful Dance Education

January 7 - March 10

Ages 4 and up

2:00pm Level 2

3:00pm level 3

​$150 for 10 weeks if registered before December 1.

​Friends/Siblings discounted when registering together!


The class semester will introduce various Latin dances including salsa, bachata and merengue!  Children will learn age appropriate Latin dance moves.  *Dance difficulty level introduced will vary pending kids interest and learning speed!*  Classes will be taught in English with Spanish skills throughout (i.e. numbers, terms, etc.).  The last session on March 10th will have an informal demonstration and performance in studio.

 This is a great opportunity to expose your child to Latin culture in a fun, healthy way! Latin dance is extremely high energy, gets kids moving while teaching teamwork and building confidence.  As parents, we know how important it is to build happy, confident children and do our best to provide a fun, focused environment in which they can thrive.


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Kids Program: Somos salseritos