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Somos Mambo Dance Company was established in 2013 by Bethany and Pedro Paz.  We are dedicated to serving the Triangle. Our mission is to bring people together in order to explore the beauty and passion of Latin music.  We strive to uplift our community, and instruct others to express themselves  confidently on any dance floor.

we provide latin dance instruction and performances throughout the U.S.

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Bethany paz

Co-founder, Business Director


Bethany first discovered her love of the stage as a child, competing in cheerleading.  After expanding to professional cheerleading as an adult, she then discovered salsa.  She has performed in cities such as Orlando, D.C., Richmond, and more.   Her style has been described as "delicate" and "feminine."  She enjoys teaching women how to connect with their bodies and create fluid movements. It is her mission to help others find joy expressing themselves through dance.  Bethany is the business director of SMDC​

 bcp instructors​ 

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Co-founder, Artistic Director, Performer


Born in Veracruz Mexico, Pedro has been dancing his entire life.  His first exposure to dance centered on styles such as Quebradita, cumbia and Salsa on 1.  In 2003, he joined and began performing salsa "on 2" with Mambo Dinamico Dance Company.  Pedro went on to perform independently with a dance partner for two years.  He then joined the Cobo Brothers Dance Company, performing on several teams in 2012.  Pedro has performed all over the U.S., including Atlanta, D.C., N.Y., S.C. and more.  He considers salsa dancing a lifelong study, and has enjoyed learning from several instructors such as, Eddie Torres, Mikel Fonks, Juan Matos, Franklin Martinez, Sekou Mc Miller, Osmar Perrones, Rodrigo Cortazar, Franklin Diaz, Joel Masacote, and more.  He  enjoys introducing new students to the world of salsa, and his unique style is widely admired.  Pedro is the artistic director of Somos Mambo Dance Company.